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eQuality Nutrition provides both bespoke and accredited food and health training and development packages to individuals and organisations in the private and third sector.

eQuality Nutrition provides services for organisations, which include: establishing food policy statements, safety and legislation guidance, operational and logistical support for food provision, chef/cook mentoring, improving communications links and networks, health promotion, sourcing of food donations, nutritionally-balanced menu planning, budget planning and guidance, malnutrition risk screening, awareness and prevention, and development of chronic-illness prevention strategies for service users.

eQuality Nutrition supports individuals’ needs through: education and training on the relationship between food and health, anthropometric measurements and monitoring, weight management, behaviour change, mindful eating sessions, assistance in accessing health and social services, IT resources for health improvement, and independant-living strategies focused on food.

In addition, eQuality Nutrition provides bespoke training packages aimed at vulnerable adults, with practical cooking skills, shopping tips, myth-busting, and which examine the relationship between food and health education.

eQuality Nutrition’s aim is to reduce the current inequalities in nutritional advice and food provision given to vulnerable communities and offer a life with less limits regarding food – we firmly believe that better health is only one meal away

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